California Calling: Works from Santa
Barbara Collections, 1948 - 2008
is a two-part exhibition highlighting works
from a selection of artists and movements
in California from the past sixty years—a
period that generated some of the most
innovative and critically recognized art in
the world.

Santa Barbara Museum of Art
July 18 through December 27, 2009

Freedom Now: Tamarind Lithography
This exhibition of prints from the 1960s
explores the international call for social and
political justice and examines how a
handful of artists addressed these themes
through irony, satire, allegory, and stark
Showcasing seven artists who held
fellowships at the Tamarind Lithography
Workshop in Los Angeles during the 1960s,
the small exhibition from the Carter’s
permanent collection includes works by
American artists Leon Golub,
James Strombotne, H. C. Westermann, and
Spanish artist Rafael Canogar.

The Amon Carter Museum, Ft. Worth, Texas
November 24, 2009–May 17, 2010