Since his first one-man show in 1956, James Strombotne has captivated
audiences with his provocative paintings, drawings, prints and sculpture.
Strombotne Studio is the official online site for this nationally recognized
American artist.

James Strombotne's
resume includes over 100 one-man shows including 14
retrospectives. His work is housed in many of the finest public collections in the
country and is also included in numerous prestigious private collections.

"My work is one grand celebration of virtuosity. I was never content
with being 'good' or 'ok'. I wanted to amaze, to delight, to astound.
Even now, I strive to go deeper. At every turn I find
more challenges and inspiration."
~ James Strombotne
Strombotne Studio showcases a representative selection of James Strombotne's artwork.

Our intention at Strombotne Studio is to provide a casual and thoughtful approach to
viewing, selecting, and purchasing art.

We are passionate about the power of art and its ability to transform a space.

And we are committed to guiding our clients through the journey
to find the perfect piece for their home or office.

You will find art that moves and inspires you. Each unique work tells a story
and embodies an energy all in its own.
Browse through our
Gallery and discover which paintings resonate with you!

In addition to original works in oil, acrylic and watercolor,
James Strombotne has authorized the production
of a series of limited edition Gisclee and aluminum prints of select works, each
numbered and signed by the artist. View the available prints in the
prints section of
the online Gallery.

More representations of work can be found in beautifully designed
and books created by the artist.

For more information about featured works, to schedule a studio appointment,
request a catalog or to order a limited edition book please contact us at