Emily's Inspiration
Believe     36 X 36
Dream Catcher   36 X 30
Puddle Jumper     48 X 36
Butterfly Girl     48 X 36
Blue Gesture     60 X 48
Girl Time    48 X 36
To Your Own Beat     24 X 20
"I think he paints in magic..."
Emily, daughter of James Strombotne, from birth has been
surrounded by her dad's artwork. Paintings covered every
wall and sculpture inhabited the gardens of the backyard.
As a little girl she would sit by her dad's side and create her
own mini fine works of art(or at least she tried).

She has always looked up to her dad and respected his
dedication to continuously strive to create powerful, moving
and unique work.  She continues to be in awe of his ability to
capture the depth of a life moment, the energy of an
environment or the essence of human emotion.

Today, she works closely with her dad to create online
avenues for viewing his work, such as Strombotne Studio. She
believes artwork has the ability to transform spaces, inspire
lives and impact communities. The paintings featured in this
section of the gallery are works that she personally feels
uplifted and impacted by.
Sanctuary    36 X 30
Mosaic Ring     36 X 60 (2 panels)
Reflect     30 X 24
Reunion     46 X 36
Patty Cake